topview of alocasia azlanii plant with a single leaf with purple veins and a light green leaf border

Alocasia Azlanii – (Care & Propagation TIPS!)

Alocasia Azlanii is one attractive plant. 🙂 This low-growing Alocasia is known for its metallic, purple leaves with pinkish veins and green leaf borders. Leaf undersides are reddish, held on top of lime green stems. BUT – in the shade, the Azlanii’s stunning veins are not obvious at all. The plant just looks like it […]

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topview of large alocasia cucullata plant with upsidedown teardrop shaped lush leaves

Alocasia Cucullata – Complete Care & Propagation Guide!

The Alocasia Cucullata ‘Hooded Dwarf’ is a compact Alocasia known for being smaller and easier to care for than most others in the genus.  Its unique leaves, held atop fleshy stalks, are formed in the shape of a teardrop, or, according to some, open palms. Known sometimes as Buddha’s Palm, this plant’s thin leaves wave with the slightest

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topview of the alocasia yucatan princess, a type of tropical plant also known as Alocasia Sarawakensis ‘Yucanta Princess’, with dark, glossy leaves and light pink striped stems

Alocasia Yucatan Princess – (TOP 10 Care Hacks!)

The Alocasia Sarawakensis ‘Yucatan Princess’ is a darker variety of Alocasia that grows quickly to its ultimate height, ~3 feet tall (91cm), when kept indoors. 🙂 The Princess is known for its large elephant-ear leaves that are glossy and dark green in color….though new leaves are light green. Leaves are held atop eye-catching light pink stems,

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top view of an alocasia infernalis plant with dark almost black colored elephant ear leaves in a small pot

Alocasia Infernalis (Black Magic care TIPS)

The Alocasia Infernalis is a VERY unique, goth-like houseplant. Infernalis literally means “from hell” referring to this plant’s dark green-red, almost black leaves that have an amazing fiery red sheen when the light hits at certain angles. Move it a little again, and the fiery red color disappears. It’s amazing to watch (BUT so hard to capture on camera)!

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a large alocasia pink dragon with large, broad elephant ear shaped leaves with light green veins, held atop light pink stems

Alocasia Pink Dragon – (TIPS for a Thriving #1 Alocasia!)

The Alocasia Pink Dragon is truly a stunner! What makes it unique is its HUGE elephant-ear leaves with light green veins. Leaves grow from light pink stems. 🙂 Each leaf looks a bit leathery and textured (not smooth!). Despite it eye-catching leaves, lots of Alocasias like the Pink Dragon get a bad rap for being too

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hand holding up an alocasia jacklyn, an unusual plant with lobed and wavy leaves and zebra-striped stems

Alocasia Jacklyn – Growing & Propagation guide!

The Alocasia Jacklyn is a stunning ornamental plant native to Indonesia that is a fairly new discovery. Because it is still new to the plant world, Alocasia Jacklyn is considered rare and not as readily available as other Alocasia varieties. But with its vibrant green foliage with darker green veins on striped stems, this plant is sure to

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a potted alocasia cuprea with large metallic copper-colored leaves held atop lime green petioles in a peat-based potted mix with perlite and orchid bark

Alocasia Cuprea (#1 Complete Care Guide for the MIRROR Plant!)

The Alocasia Cuprea (also known as Mirror Plant) is a well-loved member of the Jewel Alocasias, a group of dwarf Alocasias perfect for small indoor spaces. The Alocasia Cuprea boasts glossy and stiff oval leaves, with a copper-metallic sheen. And no wonder: Cuprea means “copper” in Latin! When young, leaves emerge purple with dark green

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three large leaves of the alocasia regal shield, a hybrid between alocasia odora and alocasia reginula black velvet. large, arrowshaped green leaves with striking lime green veins and a dark reddish-maroon underside are set on top of a stool next to an east-facing window providing bright indirect light

Alocasia Regal Shield (Care & Propagation, #1 things to AVOID!)

The Alocasia Regal Shield is a hybrid between the Alocasia odora and the Alocasia Reginula ‘Black Velvet’. Invented by LariAnn Garner, this patented hybrid is well-loved for its large, arrow-shaped dark green leaves, held atop lime green stalks. It’s hard to explain how breathtaking its leaves are… you’ll need to see it in person. 🙂

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the alocasia tiny dancer, a dwarf hybrid alocasia with small cupped green leaves

Alocasia Tiny Dancer 💃 (Complete #1 Care Guide!)

Awarded the “Most Unusual” Aroid at the 2009 International Aroid Society show and sale, the Alocasia Tiny Dancer is unlike any other. 🙂 This new hybrid (scientific name: Alocasia brisbanensis×Alocasia odora), created in 2013 is known for its long green petioles with small cupped leaves in a unique teardrop shape. While the plant grows upright, its petioles tend to fan out,

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a small potted alocasia melo with dark green leaves with intricate grooves

Alocasia Melo (Caring for the Alocasia Rugosa)

Not to be dramatic, but the Alocasia Melo (also known as Alocasia Rugosa) is one of the most instantly eye-catching plants we’ve seen! 🙂 A variety of Jewel Alocasias (dwarf Alocasia plants with ornamental leaves), this low-growing plant is a newly-documented species, being formally classified in 1997 in native Borneo. Its claim to fame is

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